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27 August 2007 @ 06:01 pm
the hiatus has actually ended ... I think  
So yeah, no updates for three months, but that's kinda what I've been doing for the last 6 months or so. I figure the updates are gonna be more frequent now that I'm in college.

Speaking of college ...

Its day two, and so far its pretty interesting. My roommates are pretty cool, but they're not exactly "my crowd". The floor is all pretty welcoming though. We all just kinda hang out in everyone else's rooms. Played a little Guitar Hero earlier. I suck, as expected.

Won't be starting classes for another week, but I did find out that there are at least 3 girls in the Physics major, and we're all pretty excited about it, being that none of us was expecting there to be any others. Apparently there are about 35 Physics majors all together. I met two so far. Basically everyone on my floor is an Engineering Major though. The head of the Physics department is pretty cool though. He's from England and an Astrophysicist. Got to talking to him today.

Gotta go eat soon. We're supposed to be meeting our orientation groups at 7 ....

Now of course it is 6 hours later ...

Bunch of people on the floor decided to go to diner as I was typing this. We took the tunnels and had some food. Woot.

Had to go to this Orientation Group thing. It wasn't as terrible as it could have been, and I actually managed to meet a few really cool people. Four of us went to see a hypnotism show (funny shit too).

Gotta get up all sorts of early tomorrow if I wanna make it to breakfast as well as my orientation group thing. The whole College of Science is going to the park in town for the afternoon.

I'll try to update as close to daily as I can. Here's hoping the hiatus doesn't return!
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