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30 August 2007 @ 01:06 am
Another day gone  
More orientation stuff today. This is gonna be pretty short since I'm wiped.

We had academic advising today, but we didn't actually meet with our advisors. We did meet with different members of our departments and talked about the courses we would be taking and stuff. I talked to one of the professors and he got permission for me to retake the Math Placement Test to hopefully test out of the class that I'm in. I think I'm gonna do it online, and maybe do a bit better. I'm a little nervous that I'll do just as badly or worse, but I think I can get the few points I need to bump myself up to one of the Calc courses. I have to get into a Calc class or I'm screwed. According to the professor, without it in the first quarter I'll wind up too far behind for the Physics classes.

On a lighter note, I met some more people today. A bunch of guys that live in one of the other dorms. We hung out in their room and watched movies for the afternoon, and headed over to the ice rink at 10. I haven't ice skated in years, but I wasn't as terrible as I thought I would be.

Completely exhausted though, so I think I should get to bed. My roommates aren't back though, so I'm gonna get woken up when they do. Gotta get up at 8 though to get to more OA meetings. KILL ME!!
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