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01 September 2007 @ 06:25 pm
Got a little downtime today. I don't think you quite realize just how exhausted you are until you decide to rest. Went back to my room for a bit, and wound up napping for 3 hours. Been up for a bit, tidied up the room (lots of crap on my desk), and now I'm just sitting here, trying to decide what to do for dinner. I think I'm just gonna hit the deli downstairs.

Classes start on Monday. Only two classes that day though. I get to start out every Monday with Intro to Special Relativity at 10am, and there's a five hour period between that and College Algebra and Trigonometry (yeah I'm in the sped math class). Tuesdays I have four classes, including a Chem Lab. Wednesday is the easiest day on my schedule (just Intro to Relativity at 10 and the rest of the day is free). Thursday is the same as Tuesday, but without the lab. Friday is the same as Monday.

Got most of my books. I still have to get the Math one.

We have the Brick Bash tonight. I have no idea what that means exactly. Ooo! I've got my book. Lets just see then shall we? Let's see ... there's a DJ, and giveaways, and pizza ... oooo sounds soooooo exciting. I think we're gonna hit it, and if it sucks, we'll duck out and do something else.

I think I'm gonna fool around with iMovie, and see what I come up with. Not really much else to say.
Current Music: Life Less Ordinary